Nov 21


Welcome to GeniusProphecy Chess.

This website is dedicated to writing free chess articles on a range of topics to help the average player improve. Topics discussed include chess openings, strategy, endgames, books and improvement. My writing primarily targets beginners up to club players, although sometimes I could not resist throwing in some advanced material. The bulk of this website lies within the articles under the sections ‘beginner’, ‘intermediate’ and ‘general’.

I devote my spare time to practicing and studying chess because I love the strategical deepness of the game. I have a FIDE rating of 2146 (11/2010), an ACF rating of 2256 (03/2010) and am a former Australian Under 16 Champion. I actively play on the Internet Chess Club.

You will find my blog below this post and links to my website articles (separate from the blog) on the top navigation bar.

Jun 18

This blog has moved!

This blog has now moved to the Chess Game Improvement domain.

All the links and pages on the top navigational menu will still work.

Oct 07

New Chess960 Article

I have written a new article on “Chess Game Improvement” about a variant of chess called Chess960 or Fischer Random Chess. Though not the original inventor, the variant is named after 11th World Champion Robert James Fischer, who refined the modern rules.

This variant is a useful tool for chess training and receives the seal of approval from Armenian Grandmaster Levon Aronian (currently rated 2821 and ranked #2 in the world in regular chess).


Jun 11

When the opponent is low on time

We all know of players who are ‘time trouble addicts’ and it not unusual that they down to their last few minutes when the game is far from over. How do you play against these opponents when they’re in time trouble and you still have a large amount of time left? Should you bide your time? Or should you ‘blitz’ them and hope that their flags fall? I discuss this practical issue in Blitzing Opponents on Chess Game Improvement.

May 15

World Chess Championship Between Anand and Gelfand

The World Chess Championship is currently taking place in the Engineering Building of the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia) with a prize fund of 2.55 million US Dollars. The format of this World Chess Championship is a two-player match with the defending champion being Indian Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand (FIDE: 2791) and the challenger being Israeli Grandmaster Boris Gelfand (FIDE: 2727).

The score is currently equal after 3 rounds with both players having 1.5 points each. There are scheduled to be 12 rounds, with tiebreak if necessary.

Both players are over 40 years old which is actually unusual. Recall that Garry Kasparov won a World Championship match at the age of 22.

See the official website for the World Chess Championship 2012. The website includes video broadcasts!

Mar 30

Blindfold Chess and updated Free Chess Programs

I have written a new article discussing the merits of blindfold chess, both as a form of entertainment to non chess players and as an instructive training tool.

Additionally, the article for Free Chess Programs has been updated in its sections regarding free chess engines. The extremely strong free versions Rybka 2.3.2a and Houdini 1.5a are given mentions.

I would like to briefly revisit my new chess website, Chess Game Improvement. There have been recently-added articles on learning chess (via books, DVDs and software), the three different phases of chess (opening, middlegame and endgame), and places to play online, whether you’re looking to face human or computer opposition. I intend to expand Chess Game Improvement a lot more in the near future.

Jan 31

Chess Openings Wizard and a response

Happy New Year to my readers!!! (Sorry for being a month late, I have been occupied by other issues lately.)

I have written a review on Chess Openings Wizard, an advanced piece of software predominantly used for learning openings and managing repertoires.

Here’s a response to a visitor’s question:

Hi GP: I learned to play chess many years ago. I want to improve my game. What do you recommend as the best method to study, board and pieces with books or use a computer. I ask because I see a lot of strong players online, but OTB play is where the proficiency level is determined. When I use a physical board and pieces it becomes a drag to constantly change to the many variations explained from the books and computer monitors. Your input will be greatly appreciated. Tevans2737.

Hi Tevans2737,

I was never a fan of using OTB pieces to study books. I preferred watching video lectures such as those on the software Chessmaster (latest edition is known as Grandmaster Edition). Nowadays, you will find a lot of younger players watching DVDs (such as those from ChessBase) rather than reading books. When I did read books, I liked to play over the variations on the computer (using software such as Fritz) rather than using a physical board. This way, you can check the annotator’s tactical accuracy against a chess engine.

That being said, I am sure some of my very highly-rated chess friends from the same era love to read books and would use a physical board to do so. I am just meticulous about this kind of thing because I really despise tactical errors (you will find quite a few in older books), so I much prefer to ‘read’ a book by entering it into Fritz. However, the way you study really depends on the amount of time you can devote to chess. Chess DVDs are relatively efficient if you do not have too much time to commit. If you do decide to watch some DVDs, be sure to take a look at some endgame and middlegame ones and not just opening DVDs (a common trap for improving players)!

Kind regards,

Sep 17

Jan Markos First Simul

Grandmaster Jan Markos’ first simultaneous display on Chess Friends finished with a 4.5-1.5 win for the grandmaster. Markos is the number one ranked player in Slovakia and has a FIDE Elo rating of 2596. Click here for the official simul report.

The next simul takes place on Wednesday,  21/9/2011 at 17:00 GMT. The qualification will held on Tuesday and is open to everybody registered on (registration is free). More information can be found in the site’s tournament section.

Sep 12

New Live Chess

I have embedded a new Chess Friends Live Board on the website. I had tested it out twice and was very impressed with the interface.

Chess Friends has also organised simultaneous exhibitions by Grandmaster Jan Markos.

Aug 05

New Chess Website

I have published a new chess website called Chess Game Improvement. The site is mainly geared towards beginners. I find teaching this ‘simple material’ quite rewarding, especially given how far a player can go if he starts off with a strong foundation. The main GeniusProphecy Chess website will still be continually updated, although often with more advanced material or reviews.

Jun 14

Coaches, Chessmaster and The Art of Learning

I have written two new related articles. A review of the excellent book The Art of Learning, by American International Master Joshua Waitzkin. Waitzkin is also the main spokesperson for Chessmaster, one of my all-time favourite chess programs. I have reviewed the Grandmaster Edition of Chessmaster.

I have added acknowledgements to my past coaches on my ‘about’ page. Many great coaches have worked with me over the years, but particularly want to acknowledge my long-time coach FIDE Master Geoffrey Saw.

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