Dec 31

Preparation and Intimidating Opponents

The majority of chess players go into a tournament game without any sort of prior preparation. However, when there is adequate time to do so, preparation can be very effective in improving your results. This is especially applicable in round robin tournaments where your opponents are known well in advance.

Before the preparation progress begins, the dedicated player will need a range of tools at his disposal…

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As with almost any form of competition, occasionally you will face intimidating or even downright unethical players. It is disappointing that this occurs in chess too, but keep in mind that only a very small minority of players are dishonourable. First of all, note that trying to distract the opponent is blatantly illegal according to the official rules of over-the-board (OTB) tournament chess. However, this will not stop rude and overly-ambitious players from trying to distract you…

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