Jan 31

Houdini tops the list

A couple of months ago, I reported on a new freeware chess engine called Houdini, which overtook Deep Rybka 4 in a major computer chess rating list, the IPON Rating List. It took a couple of weeks for Deep Rybka to edge ahead of Houdini and reclaim the number 1 position. However, with the release of the new Houdini 1.5a, this elusive engine again tops the list with a massive 3012 rating, above Deep Rybka by a nifty 54 points. Houdini also tops the popular CEGT rating list. Houdini is a free download and will work on your UCI-enabled chess database programs (ChessBase, Fritz, SCID, Chess Assistant, Aquarium, etc.).

In other news, well known American Grandmaster (often considered to be one of the world’s top blitz players) Hikaru Nakamura took out the 2011 Tata Steel Chess Tournament held in Wijk aan Zee. Nakamura scored 9/13, placing in front of giants like Anand, Carlsen, Aronian and Kramnik. His performance rating was a whopping 2879.  Click here to download the games from the 2011 Tata Steel Chess Tournament.

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  1. chess downloads

    Yes, Houdini is very strong indeed. I tested it for many months.

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