Jan 03

Powerful Online Resources

Here is an overview of some interesting chess websites that I have recently come across.

365Chess is the poor man’s dream. Rather than forking out €150 for ChessBase’s comprehensive Mega Database, 365Chess is free online database with over 3,500,000 games. This makes it the “biggest chess games database online”, according to the website – a very useful tool in study and preparing for opponents.

Sometimes searching for a particular player can be tricky. If the homepage does not work, try searching the following in Google: site:365chess.com (player’s name)

The English Chess Federation has come up with a unique concept called the Certificate of Merit. To claim your certificate, register on the website and pass the practical examination!

Chess in Translation provides distinctive information that would not otherwise be available to the English-reading public. The webmaster mishanp translates news and interviews from Russian. Russia, being a chess powerhouse, has lots of information to provide to the chess world.

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