Mar 24

Korchnoi’s Birthday and Super-Strong Amber Tournament

Viktor Korchnoi is a marvel of human ingenuity. He is one of those exception-to-the-rule people who is able to maintain an extraordinary level of chess ability despite the apparent limitations of old age. Korchnoi has just turned 80 years old and has a FIDE rating of 2557. Click here to see ChessBase’s tribute article for Korchnoi’s 80th.

One of my favourite tournaments of the year to watch is the Amber tournament, which is currently taking place. The blindfold section of the tournament is particularly interesting and while many of the games are ‘spotless’, a handful show that even the world’s greatest players have occasional blind spots! (Note: blindfold play is where players are given an empty chessboard and must communicate their moves via coordinates while visualising where the pieces are.) There is a star field in this year’s Amber with names like Anand, Carlsen, Aronian and Topalov. Aronian is currently going into the final round with a full point lead. See this ChessBase report on the Amber as well as a link down the bottom to download all the games played so far.

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