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The following articles are targeted towards new and beginning players. If you are new to this website, I recommend you start with the articles Getting Started in Chess and Reasons for Playing Chess.

Age is No Barrier (in Chess) – If you’re old, you’re not necessary disadvantaged (short article) NEW

Brief History of Chess – A timeline of the game of chess NEW

Chess Books – A general overview of chess publishing

Chess is a Sport – Surprise the sceptics (short article)

Chess Ratings – A look over how chess players are judged

FIDE Chess Titles – See the requirements for gaining a certain chess title

Free Chess Programs – Chess freebies for all!

Frequently Asked Chess Questions – Common questions about chess

Getting Started in Chess – Advice for the beginner REVISED

How to Read Chess Books – Tips on reading chess books

Introduction to Internet Chess Club – A quick look at the massive online chess club ICC

My Favourite Chess Game – Check out how Black gets mated

My Favourite Chess Players – I list my favourite chess players, including Anatoly Karpov and José Raúl Capablanca

Playing Chess Online – My guide to playing online chess EXPANDED

Reasons for Playing Chess – Why chess is one of man’s greatest accomplishments REVISED

World Chess Champions – An overview of the greatest chess players ever. Had these players frequented the live casino, chances are they would have done very well. Most casino games involve elements of deduction and good decision making which great chess players obviously have.

World’s Strongest Chess Program for Free – Download computer world champion Rybka

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