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The following articles are accessible by players of any skill level.

Book Recommendations – A description of suggested chess books

Centaur Chess – Also known as Advanced Chess, a form of chess where anything goes

Chess Boxing – A hybrid sport that is rapidly growing in popularity NEW

Chess Paradox – What is the mathematical chessboard paradox?

Chess Parenting – An express guide for parents NEW

Chess Viewer – Display chess games of your choice on your own website

Club 2700 by Alex Shternshain – An entertaining play depicting the annual meeting of the world’s highest-rated players

Correspondence Chess – An overview of this slower, but higher quality form of chess REVISED AND EXPANDED

Creating Your Own Chess Website/Blog – An express tutorial!

Daily Chess Puzzle – This page will automatically give you a new puzzle every day!

Food and Diet Model – Breaking down chess into components NEW

French Chess Movie – A new movie to be released for 2010

How to Make Chess Videos – A short tutorial on making videos New file compression tip!

Interesting Chess Facts – Check out all the things about chess you didn’t know!

Kramnik-Anand World Chess Championship 2008 – All the games from the much-awaited match between Russian GM Vladimir Kramnik and Indian GM Viswanathan Anand

Maurice Ashley and Drawback Chess – Discussion of the man and his brilliant concept NEW

New Book on The Legendary Bobby Fischer –  A look at Karsten Müller’s new book

Play against JChess, the Little ChessPartner – Play against the Java chess program, simply move the pieces and the board will respond

Professional Chess – Thoughts on chess as a profession REVISED

The Beginning by Alex Shternshain – An delightful play portraying God creating the game of chess over a number of days

The Game by Alex Shternshain – An engaging play describing how the human mind works when playing a game of chess

Topalov-Anand World Chess Championship 2010 – A discussion of the games from the World Championship between Topalov (BUL) and Anand (IND) NEW

XiangQi – An exploration of Chinese chess

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