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Jun 11

When the opponent is low on time

We all know of players who are ‘time trouble addicts’ and it not unusual that they down to their last few minutes when the game is far from over. How do you play against these opponents when they’re in time trouble and you still have a large amount of time left? Should you bide your …

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Jan 07

New Year’s Eve Game 2

I recommend watching the YouTube video first and then seeing the analysis of the game. If you are reading this post via email, you may not see the YouTube video below, please go to For analysis of this game, see the new DGT Chess Theatre. (Depending on your browser, this second link may be …

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Jan 03

Powerful Online Resources

Here is an overview of some interesting chess websites that I have recently come across. 365Chess is the poor man’s dream. Rather than forking out €150 for ChessBase’s comprehensive Mega Database, 365Chess is free online database with over 3,500,000 games. This makes it the “biggest chess games database online”, according to the website – a …

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Dec 31

Preparation and Intimidating Opponents

The majority of chess players go into a tournament game without any sort of prior preparation. However, when there is adequate time to do so, preparation can be very effective in improving your results. This is especially applicable in round robin tournaments where your opponents are known well in advance. Before the preparation progress begins, …

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Nov 20

Chess Parenting and the 'Never Say Die' Strategy

Chess Parenting 101 discusses some important points if a parent is considering shifting their child into chess. ‘Never Say Die‘ is a strategy used in chess that is a trademark of legendary fighters. Note: If you use Windows 7, you may experience difficulties trying to load the Java Chess Viewer. This is apparently an unavoidable …

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