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May 28

ChessBase’s 25th Birthday

ChessBase is an extraordinary piece of database software that is sold on a website of the same name. The software dominates the chess market, particularly at the stronger end. ChessBase recently celebrated its 25th birthday and published a story regarding its origins, which involves a science journalist, an exceptional programmer and a world champion. The …

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Mar 24

Korchnoi’s Birthday and Super-Strong Amber Tournament

Viktor Korchnoi is a marvel of human ingenuity. He is one of those exception-to-the-rule people who is able to maintain an extraordinary level of chess ability despite the apparent limitations of old age. Korchnoi has just turned 80 years old and has a FIDE rating of 2557. Click here to see ChessBase’s tribute article for …

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Jan 31

Houdini tops the list

A couple of months ago, I reported on a new freeware chess engine called Houdini, which overtook Deep Rybka 4 in a major computer chess rating list, the IPON Rating List. It took a couple of weeks for Deep Rybka to edge ahead of Houdini and reclaim the number 1 position. However, with the release …

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